Get Involved by Joining a YDHI Committee

There are three committees open to any interested members.

The Membership & Events Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 8 PM.


The committee has two goals:

  1.  Increasing awareness of YDHI’s efforts and expanding our community to be more representative of our state’s diverse population. We will lead new campaigns to drive sign-ups and foster community ties through a joint effort between membership and communication. 

  2. Planning the events that will foster a positive member experience by providing opportunities to forge connections and learn. We will work to forge a community that is both rewarding and fun. We want to strengthen what it means to be a YDHI member through digital events and, eventually, in-person meetups.


For questions about the Membership & Events Committee or to join, email Jared Agtunong at


The Community Impact Committee meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.


The Community Impact Committee is dedicated to acting upon our core values through inclusive community service.  Community service projects and outreach initiatives encourage collaboration with neighboring communities and organizations. Activities of this committee include but are not limited to: volunteering with organizations serving various communities across the state, hosting voter registration drives, participating in local events for outreach, and partnering with respective YDHI committees to assist in outreach efforts to Democrats in the community. 

For questions about the Community Impact Committee or to join, email co-chairs Radiant Cordero and Perry Arrasmith at

The Legislative Committee meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. 


The Legislative Committee is dedicated to establishing and maintaining YDHI’s reputation at all levels of local and state government. Creating strong relationships with elected officials is essential to achieving greater political strength, advocacy, and engagement at the county and state levels. Activities of this committee include, but are not limited to: advancing legislative priorities, tracking and researching legislation, corresponding and communicating with elected officials, drafting testimony on behalf of YDHI, and helping to produce informational and educational events for members.

For questions about the Legislative Committee or to join, email Kaleo Chang at

Get in Touch

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If you need to email a member of the board:

President: Trish La Chica
Vice President: Danicole Ramos
Secretary: Keoni Williams
Treasurer: Perry Arrasmith
State Central Committee Male Rep: Jacob Aki
State Central Committee Female Rep: Aria Juliet Castillo
Young Democrats of America National Committeeman: Cameron Deptula
Young Democrats of America National Committeewoman: Radiant Cordero
Communications & Digital Director: Kathryn Kelly
Membership Director: Jared Agtunong
Policy and Research Director: Kaleo Chang

Chair, Oahu Young Democrats: Cross Crabbe

If you're not sure who to contact: