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  • Scott Grimmer, Communications Director

Attend the YDHI 2021 Kickoff Event

Tomorrow (12/2/20) at 5 PM is our virtual event to kick off 2021: Empowering A Community of Young Democrats in Hawaii.

We had a test run yesterday, and this event is going to be amazing! We will start with remarks from an exciting line up of Hawaii and national leaders. We will hear from:

  • Amanda Litman, Co-Founder of Run for Something, an organization that recruits and supports young, diverse progressives in runs for local office.

  • President of the Hawai‘i Senate, Sen. Ron Kouchi

  • Speaker of the Hawai‘i House, Rep. Scott Saiki

  • Hawai‘i County Councilmember & Young Dem, Ashley Kierkiewicz

  • Newly Elected State Rep & Young Dem, Jeanné Kapela

After the speeches, people will be assigned to smaller breakout rooms to engage with other Young Democrats as we build a strong community throughout our islands. The groups will strategize ways to remain involved and move forward on issues of importance to Young Dems. To register for the event, go to We are looking forward to meeting you at the event. Sign up now!

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