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August 2021 Newsletter

The Young Democrats of Hawaiʻi

August 2021 Newsletter

We had a fantastic virtual Pau Hana in July and look forward to in-person Pau Hanas as soon as we can meet safely. Several representatives of the Young Democrats of Hawaii went to the Young Democrats of America National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio last weekend, and one was elected to a leadership position!

A Look Back

July 28: Our third YDHI virtual Pau Hana took place and drew a crowd to play GeoGuessr, a game where you have to guess where on Google Maps a real-world image is from. Secretary Keoni Williams hosted and led us through a few rounds of places, all from Hawaiʻi.

If you haven't joined us yet for a Pau Hana, you're missing a lot of fun. Watch for future emails to RSVP or, better yet, go to to become an official member of YDHI and get an invitation to our Slack channel where we share everything we are doing!

August 11-14: The Young Democrats of America 2021 National Convention took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, from August 11 to 14, 2021.

Representing YDHI in Cincinnati were:

  • Kaleo Chang, YDHI Policy and Research Director

  • Radiant Cordero, Honolulu City Council Member and YDHI National Committeewoman

  • Cameron Deptula, YDHI National Committeeman

  • Troy Hashimoto, Member of the Hawaiʻi House of Representatives

  • Trish La Chica, YDHI President

Special congratulations to Kaleo, who was elected Secretary of the Young Democrats of America, Pacific Region Board at the convention.

Kaleo, far left, with the new YDA Pacific Region Board.

Special thanks to Rep. Ed Case and Rep. Kai Kahele, Hawaiʻi's two members of the United States House of Representatives, for donating to YDHI to help cover the cost of attending the conference.

A Look Ahead

Today! August 18: The YDHI Legislative Committee will meet at 6:30 PM. The Legislative Committee researches legislation, communicates with elected officials, drafts testimony on behalf of YDHI, and advances our legislative priorities. Join it by emailing Here's a screen grab of a recent Legislative Committee meeting.

August 31: The YDHI Community Impact Committee will meet at 7 PM. The Community Impact Committee is dedicated to volunteering with organizations serving various communities across the state, hosting voter registration drives, and participating in local events for outreach. Join it by

September 1: The YDHI Membership & Events Committee will meet at 8 PM. The Membership & Events Committee tries to spread the word about YDHI to get new members to join and to set up events to get those members to connect. Join it by emailing

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20. Aug. 2021

When are we having the next Pau Hana? next one we will gather at some place?

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