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  • Scott Grimmer, Communications Director

Call Georgia Voters with Us to Turn the Senate Blue (12/19)

The 2020 election isn't over! There are two Senate runoffs in Georgia that will determine control of the Senate. We need to win them to enact a Democratic agenda! We won the presidency and the House of Representatives last month, but the Senate is still up in the air. We need to win the last two Senate races in Georgia, which are scheduled for a runoff vote in a few weeks, to take complete control of the federal government. If the Republicans win one of the races, they will control the Senate, and we know they will use that control to block all progress for the next two years. Can you spare an hour for two years of better government? Like all 2020 races, this one will come down to turnout, especially mail-in ballots. Voters already have their ballots, so Raphael Warnock's and Jon Ossoff's campaigns have asked us to call Georgia voters this weekend to ask them to Vote Blue!

Join the Young Democrats of Hawaiʻi on Saturday (12/19) from 10 to 11 AM as we call voters in Georgia virtually on behalf of future Senators Warnock and Ossoff! It will be part Zoom party, part campaigning, and all FUN! Sign up here! Victory 2020 will give us a 10 minute training at the start of the shift on how to use their virtual tools to call voters, and then we'll dive in. Again this is the link to sign up. Hope to see you there!

Mahalo, Scott Grimmer Digital and Communications Director, Young Democrats of Hawaiʻi

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