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July 2021 Newsletter

The Young Democrats of Hawaiʻi

July 2021 Newsletter

We had a successful virtual Pau Hana in June and look forward to another in July. In August, there are chances to go to the Young Democrats of America national conference to represent YDHI and to join Sen. Stanley Chang's conference on affordable housing in Hawaiʻi.

A Look Back

June 30: Our second YDHI virtual Pau Hana took place and drew a crowd to play "Would You Rather?"

It was a fun chance to meet other members, and we are looking forward to the next one on July 28 with the theme of Local Kine Tingz. Watch for future emails to RSVP or, better yet, go to to become an official member of YDHI and get an invitation to our Slack channel where we share everything we are doing!

A Look Ahead

July 4: The Hawaiʻi County Democrats have a food distribution event in Kona and Hilo. If you're on Big Island, contact them to help out!

July 7: The YDHI Membership & Events Committee will meet at 8 PM. The Membership & Events Committee spreads the word about YDHI to get new members to join and to set up events to get those members to connect. Join it by emailing

July 14: The Young Democrats of America 2021 National Convention will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio, from August 11 to 14, 2021. We are pleased to announce that YDHI delegate applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM on July 14, 2021. There are only three spots left to fill! Click here to complete the application form. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with YDHI members and YDA members across the country!

July TBD: The YDHI Legislative Committee is changing meeting times and reducing meetings to once a month while the State Legislature is out of session. Weigh in on when you want the meeting time to be on this form. The Legislative Committee researches legislation, communicates with elected officials, drafts testimony on behalf of YDHI, and advances our legislative priorities. Join it by Here's a screen grab of a recent Legislative Committee meeting.

July 27: The YDHI Community Impact Committee will meet at 7 PM. The Community Impact Committee is dedicated to volunteering with organizations serving various communities across the state, hosting voter registration drives, and participating in local events for outreach. Join it by

July 28: Save the Date! Our third YDHI virtual Pau Hana will take place in just a few weeks from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. It will be a fun, informal chance to meet other members and have a drink, hosted by our Secretary Keoni Williams. Here's his description of what to expect: "Where you wen grad? No mattah. Join YDHI Pau Hana on July 28 at 5:30pm for a night of kanikapila and a chillax activity that will throw you back to the hanabata days." Watch for future emails to RSVP or, better yet, go to to become an official member of YDHI and get an invitation to our Slack channel where we share everything we are doing!

August 12: For anyone interested in affordable housing in Hawaiʻi, Sen. Stanley Chang will host "1000 Homes Per Acre," a conference with speakers from around the world. Sign up for free at this link. As Sen. Chang says, "Hawaiʻi has a severe, decades-long housing shortage. The main problem is a lack of supply. On average, about 11,000 students will graduate from DOE high schools this year--not even including private schools. Only about 2,000 homes will be built. It doesn’t matter if all 11,000 are billionaires; the housing simply does not exist. Even if not a single wealthy overseas investor, Airbnb vacation renter, or homeless person on a one-way ticket ever came to Hawaiʻi again, we would not have enough housing for future generations of our own local people."

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